flavor of falling

Flavor of falling

My appreciation crumbled and rolled;
Smoked. Unlike another choice addiction
Attraction to me was never foretold;
While I keep quiet my self-inflictions
Your vocal chords spout your history’s life.
Tapping syrup without knowing I am
Maple sugar crystalized. Sweet candy
Paint across my lips. Patience. Steady. Stand.
An x-ray stare to soothe mental violence.
Responding: to this, look with sweetened words.
Losing ambivalence. Gaining intense.
Love’s composition, as you’ve never heard.
Sliding and trembling to tunes the world plays.
Swapping ideas on humanity’s game.
Allotted distaste toward notions of stay;
Just one more tally of how we’re the same.
Fear in awakening places we lack.
Flavor of falling. I’ll never go back.

And it sounds like this:

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