gee. that’s a bit.

As we enter the final stretch toward 1000 posts in the land of FollowMeToNYC, I haven’t had too much time to think about all of the insanity leading up to me somehow manifesting my present mid-town Manhattan existence…

I’ve been quite busy writing as of late.

After a wonderful weekend hiding in the woods, rowing around in a canoe – words have been spilling from my pen and shaking from my fingertips.

The submission I put together had me visiting some YA fiction and reading stories I had forgotten long about, which I am presently having a play with. My favorite thing about being a cross-genre Writer are the brain tickles I get
dramatically shifting from one style to the next.

I asked Tim yesterday if it was boring being married to a Writer considering all I generally want to do is sit around and think. He reckons it’s not so bad.

The current New York City heat wave reminds me of living in Queensland. I love the hot weather. And I’ve decided that ice coffee tastes better here for some reason.

Tomorrow is a public holiday. Today I’m out early. I plan to stay next to the window clicking keys. I believe there’s a volume of poetry on the way…

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