gut punch bites

Namaste lovers of syllable land

My favorite words to read hurt. Note “to read”. I can never handle anything harsh being spoken, verbal attacks and what not. Humans spatting.

I value language too highly for that.

However, I love when I read something that makes me uncomfortable. When I can look at words on a page, artfully presented, in a way that makes my stomach spasm in a concerning way and my tongue push against the backs of my front teeth. Gut punch bites.

This is what my novel does, for me. I think that there are some pieces around FollowMeToNYC that exemplify my joy of playing with strident letters; love appreciation and departure that I wrote last summer come to mind.

I believe the particular novel I’m working on takes emotions and relationships and general human interactions and tangles them together in a way that will make some people shift uncomfortably in their seat.

… I send thanks to that crowd in advance.

Life is a challenge and remaining a love creature of acceptance is something I believe anyone switched on aspires to. Meanwhile, I like having a land to squeeze together ideas of incidents that disrupt and destroy… perhaps ultimately repair.

I can’t wait to clank champagne to “novel number one down…” Closer every day.


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