Henry is sick

Namaste blog tribe.

For the past few days I’ve fallen off the scene desperately trying to nurse Henry back to health. As most of you are likely aware, Henry hasn’t been well for a few weeks now.

I believe the problem was brought on when he caught one of the disgusting, feral cats that roams Sunnyside after it made the unfortunate choice to jump in my yard. There was meowing, there was scratching, there was cat blood.

I’ve brought Henry to two vets now and tried to explain what I think is causing his illness. They essentially ignore what I say and send me home with antibiotics.

While I have aimed to take the vets’ word for it, Henry doesn’t want to eat anymore. He still has diarrhea, and he’s still throwing up.

I’ve blogged through a lot of disasters since 2009, funerals, divorces, elections, floods… I can’t really handle Henry being sick. It shuts me down uniquely.

To make matters worse, I’m flying to Bermuda on business in a few hours – I’ll be out of the country all week. I have arranged care for the babies and even another vet visit, but that doesn’t seem to dry the slimy trails running down my cheeks in utter panic.

I don’t usually ask for anything from our ship of readers, but a whispered “feel better Henry” will go a long way at this stage.

Thank you, and love to you and yours. With a bit of magic… a “Henry feels better” post will shortly follow.

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  1. Oh my Darling, I am so very sorry to read about your Henry, I hope with my all he gets better….much love to you, now and always. XXX

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