peanut at my parents. emotional.

I brought Lily Peanut to my parents’ house this weekend. Needless to say, seeing my little girl imported from Australia running around the yard where I grew up was beyond surreal. I wanted Henry to be there, it made me cry a bit.

It also made me see how well trained my little girl is. Peanut ran around acres of fence-less green without me ever removing a leash from my overnight bag. Later this week, when we move on Thursdayshe’s going to learn all about her new backyard of Central Park.

I’m a bit stressed about moving. I guess that always come with the territory of suitcases and boxes. Queens sucked a fat one all aroundI’ve come to learn that sometimes, regardless of how much good you think you’re doing, everything can still blow up in your face.

Maybe I’m menstrual? Overly nostalgic after a long overdue visit to Connecticut perhaps… emotional. That’s the best word for it I guess. Definitely emotional.

I’d like to explain more, it’s hard sometimes. I’m going to write a few poems. Maybe when I post one later, life will make more sense.

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