how the writing’s rolling

I’m glad I’m balancing two screenplays because they’re coming along the way I hoped. Each are making decent progress and, like I’ve mentioned before, the fact that they’re different genres gives me a bit of leeway. I don’t know what it’s like for other people, but on certain days my mind just doesn’t feel like focussing a certain way… doing it this way I can simply shift focus.

100_1771For some reason I don’t have this issue with book writing… I think it’s because my processes are different. I find with each script I like working as close to chronological order as possible, things seem to unravel more clear to me that way. The beat thing about this is when I get to a point I’m not ready to move past yet, the stuck feeling creeps in.

When I work on a book, I can move around and within the story to the extent that if I lose direction in one part… it’s simple to just set my sights on a fresh scene or chapter. My personal reasoning for being this way at the moment may also just be the phase of I’m at with the movies.

I think I’ll just call in my team of Writers and talk to them about it… oh wait…

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