books. writing. writing books.

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve gotten into what Writing projects I’m working on blog family. So here’s an update:

Mostly I’m kicking around my memoir-like-novel-ish work that’s currently around 40 000 words with many random pieces still needing to be fit in. I reckon once I finish smacking all the loose ends together I’ll be sitting on around 65 000 to be edited and aim to have it in some type of reasonable shape by February… so that’s pretty exciting.

I have a YA (young adult) fiction work that is about halfway done but I’ve put it aside to keep on with the memoir.

Poetry Volume 2 is continuing to blossom. Considering that I don’t think anyone can or ever should force poetry, and that it’s something to be born naturally from raw emotion – I suspect the next edition will come out mid next year, a July 2010-July 2011 volume to follow up the premier July 2009-July 2010 collection.

On that note, I started reading my poetry book for the first time yesterday. Not in a desperate “I want this out now” way like I was over the summer as many of you might recall from one of my numerous nervous breakdowns, I actually slid it off the shelf simply to have a flip through. I was inspired to do this after receiving a notification from LuLu that I recently sold a copy… which made me grin like a kid in a candy shop and wiggle in my seat.

Regardless of all the dramaattached to me self-publishing that book, I think for the first time I’m actually proud of it. I don’t write anything to be “good at it” according to any set standard, I write because it’s my passion and because it’s who I am. I think my first book actually reflects that. And as far as selling any goes, the satisfaction obviously does not come from monetary gain… but the fact that my bound soul is presently resting comfortably on a few dozen book shelves and that a handful of our precious cult feels my words to the extent of adding them to their personal collection… well… what more can I ask for, really?

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