my real estate agent is a WANKER

After the intensity of yesterday’s post, I thought I might lighten things up today and talk about how my Real Estate Agent aka Property Manager is a wanker. Plus after adding the snazzy new disclaimer now sparkling in the right hand column of my page, I figured what better way to kick off than slander?

Just kidding… this isn’t slander at all… it’s the blatant truth. Anyways, I’m not going to do anything fun like mention names or organizations. I’ll just tell a story that will make me feel better and hopefully get a few of you giggling.

Who couldn’t use a giggle?

Once upon a time there was a Real Estate Agent that thought he/she could send a sarcastic/condescending reply to me after I sent in a complaint that my poor puppy Peanut had to have two injections at the vet after being bitten by a bug inside a house that is supposed to protect her from bug-ly intruders (Peanut has very bad allergies to certain insect bites).

Summed up, I spent the majority of my evening replying to catty emails sent by this particular him/her creature in reply to my legitimate letters expressing concern that I am going to have to find a new place to live if Peanut keeps getting eaten.

I thought there were more funny parts to this story than seem to be panning out…

Yup. That’s right. Even a love spreader has her limits, particularly when it comes to the well being of the puppies.

Anyways, back to constructive activities… like scratching poor Peanut’s itchy bites… might be moving soon. (Surprise surprise!)

What makes me the most annoyed is that even after the rant I have no choice but to send Captain Wank unconditional love, maybe next life he/she will get it right.

Or maybe karma will catch up and they’ll be born an innocent puppy with intense allergies that THEIR Property Manager can’t bother to deal with…

Put shortly: My Real Estate Agent is a MEGA wanker.

(the end)

4 thoughts on “my real estate agent is a WANKER

    1. Thank you my man! I love that you sense her douche-dom!!! It’s funny because I originally had a link in the post to the douche story I wrote a few months ago so our cult could compare and contrast their douche-y ways!! LOL!!!

  1. Aussie Gretch, just what I need to read, makes me feel better that there’s another Captain Wank on the other side of the equator, maybe he’ll dilute the wankishness of the wankers that have been wanking me around all day!

    1. Back at you gorgeous one! Not that I want to see you suffer from wankdom but I’m so glad you know where I’m coming from!! Lol 😉

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