Nick Snider is not an asshole

Nick Snider really wants to be an asshole.

I understand for me to even mention that name makes no sense, and I couldn’t agree more. I have no idea who that is.

As the cult collective who’s been around here for ten years probably knows, the only YouTuber I ever gave a fuck about was Nathan Wills; who was also my best friend who I sometimes wrote poetry about.

I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts lately, and I came across a hilarious one called The Girls Wanna Battle. They’re on break now, so I wound up at the webpage of our sister Lushious Massacr. I like listening to her while I’m painting.

It feels weird going to YouTube. Since Nathan committed suicide over eight years ago now, I don’t really like going back there.

But Lushious is funny and brings light with amazing makeup and regular interactions with her online community in a positive way, which I naturally enjoy and respect.

Anyways, she thrashed some kid Nick who’s been bullying her. Linguistically, it must have been one of the most exquisite spoken word beatings I’ve witnessed be delivered.

She spoke her mind and stuck up for her opinion, something I encourage of everyone. A right that too many people are denied.

So I shout her out on TwAtter like “Hey gurl, nice talk…” and not asshole Nick, who, from what I understand, has a channel and is probably making his own money… claps back at my comment talking about how I don’t know about New York City because he lived there ten years.

When I say this was the twilight zone… please click here for the soundtrack.

Anyways, I honestly don’t give a fuck about Nick Snider. I feel like he wants to be an asshole but I’m not sure he possess that level of sophistication. A sophisticated asshole, for example, might have checked out my TwAtter which states that I’m from New York City prior to assaulting me around 4am EST.

I just found it entertaining that the bitch had nothing more valuable to send his 51K followers than some acid trip delusion about where I’m from and/or who I am…

Like I said.

I spent the morning watching the sun come up with a new friend from Boronia. I’ll spend the night reading and writing.

The middle bits were a doozy…

… I’m ready for another sunrise.

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