a visit from nathan

So I’m sitting beside an open window on a blustery New York City eve. I started a new short story. Still working on it, but it starts like this:

My therapist says I have separation issues.

Miles and I used to run around the playground. Not too near kids. Loud ones. You know the sort. Kids on soccer teams in Subarus.

Miles has three fingers on his left hand which I don’t tend to notice and I certainly never mention.

I write a lot about mental issues. I don’t say “illness”, because I’m not so sure how I feel about that term. But I certainly relate to mental issues, particularly whilst trying to survive on Earth.

And everyone on Earth knows about depression. We experience different levels – but we’ve all been there.

With all of these things going through my head, my thoughts turned back to Nathan – whose untimely death rocked me about last week upon discovery.

That’s when I came across this tribute video to him on youtube:

When I read the text at the end, about how Nathan reached out to everyone he loved during the last weeks… I realized that the conversation I mentioned those weeks back was Nathan reaching out to me to say Goodbye.

Then I sobbed again. All over. That’s when I realized, Nathan was beside me.

Our relationship is sacred. Nathan and I shared things about our spiritual understanding and development that we knew only the other one perceived.

When I complete my book about mediumship, it will be dedicated to Nathan Wills. Feeling him float around is comforting and agonizing. While I am glad he discovered life really never ends, I am a selfish human being and I want him back in physical form.

Go tell someone you love them.


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