not so broken after all. top ten.

A large contributor to my most recent bout of plot losing was due to the fact that I thought FollowMeToNYC was exploding.I spent a month on the phone with my host company in Michigan trying to understand how I was running out of space when I specifically have what’s called a “professional account” simply so I never have to think about computer things like storage and mega-sorts.

My Michigan mates were insisting that I was running out of space which was stressing me out to no return because I know nothing about archiving. So with a heavy heart, and enough personal problems to make it easy to quit, I was really hanging up the gloves.

It tickles me to say that FINALLY today after a twenty minute chat, all is well! Turns out I’ve used barely any of the storage I’m allocated after all. Put simply: POST ON!

In other news, I’ve been back in New York City two months. There’s a lot going on.

Top ten things going on since I’ve returned to New York City

10. New job. Lots of writing for a super cool President of the Board based in Europe. (yup)

9. Somehow moved into a luxury high-rise where I have settled into the place where the next book will be completed.

8. I’ve seen my family HEAPS.

7. Eaten copious amounts of deliciousness.

6. Started hitting the novel madly hard.

5. Discovered Yerba Mate with coconut milk brewed in my espresso pot is amazing.

4. Spent too much money on cute new outfits.

3. Hand wrote letters to my favorites in AUS and posted them off.

2. Attacked every dog I’ve seen on the sidewalk and told them about the puppies.

1. Accepted that the love of my life back in Australia was likely to be the love of decade. Here’s to the future.


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