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That’s right blog family. I’m feeling so centered at the moment, I’m making up words. And today’s word is “countings”.

Here in New England we set the clocks back last night, the sun sets at 4.39pm today. Usually this is when I start complaining – but I’m going to stay so busy polishing novel over the next few months, winter will fly by.

I’ve hit 60,000 words you know…

This weekend has been spent with family, running around in the forest, fixing myself. Re-steer. Re-group.

I’ve said it before, but I’m still amazed – and these days nearly impressed, that I survived living in another land for nine years with no family.

For those of you just starting to join us. I’m part of a blood tribe involving four sisters, three nieces, two nephews, and a set of twins due May 2. Plus a gaggle of brothers (“in-law”) and local friendships that have been in place since I was four. My best friend and I recently discussed how her first born is nearly the age we were when we met.

And yet since I’ve been home, until this weekend, I haven’t been processing life well. I’ve been so upset about the one person in the world I spent a third of my life chasing, I haven’t had time to count the blessings around me.

There are tons of them. They bring love, ideas, inspiration, and drive. They’ve got me writing books, working hard, and settling back into who I am and where I’m from.

I love that you are all still here. Next step is to make enough money in New York City to buy the land for the first healing retreat I plan on opening…

4 thoughts on “blessings countings

  1. Good lord, what extraordinarily beautiful photos!! I can’t wait til you take me by the hand and show me yourself. What creatures could one expect to see there? And a glass raised in your honour on the 60,000 words; I KNOW what an achievement that is. Can’t wait to skype you in your lovely little flat again x x x

    1. My morning is officially an ear to ear grin. Darling when you arrive in the summer the forests will shock your senses electric green. I can’t wait to show you my favorite, secret trails and spill all of the divine impact in thick ink – somewhere beneath a canopy of natural perfection. Speak soon! And thank you for the congratulations… I am still amazed by how settling back into my native land is knotting together so many stories. x

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