once upon a time. there was a poetry book.

The poetry book is coming along… it will contain 200 poems from the past 18 months-ish… although specific details are fuzzy, the release of putting out a stack of my emotion from one of the most significant periods of this life is quite… well… significant.

… maybe I’ll even be able to sell one, or two?

Something I wrote yesterday…

lyrical expanse inspiriting sentience

galaxies communicate. your mystery.
travelling to(o). before. how far. can you…
exceeding sensory stipulations.
speaking words without labels.
you’re undefined. kind. blossoming. sort.
lust wanders. i am keeping. flame without fire.
reading souls. along lines. tracing hands.
when lips part. your breath’s symphony.
harmonize. what life… i inhale…
fascination is flavored. tasting your wrist.
your pulse to my mouth

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