poetry book… volume 2…

Goodness how time passes! It’s been eight months since I put out Poetry: Volume One. Yesterday I finally completed the last update to it that I’ve been saying I was going to get around to for months. I’ve learned a lot since putting out my first poetry book…

Poetry is a strange and mysterious thing in my world. It’s my heartbeat and sanity. But in all honesty, I consider it a vessel of moving forward. I haven’t enjoyed going back and sorting out typos and cleaning up pages. I’m glad the process is over. That said, I can’t really promise anything perfect… but the final update will be “most improved”.

So! If you’re interested in copping a copy of my first self-published collection, get on it! Peep the BOOK tab! It will remain available until July. Come July, Poetry: Volume Two will be out (veeeeery EXCITING!) and my first book will no longer be available.

There’s now a PDF version up for grabs too! I think my next edition will be put out in an iPad-y-kindle-like way on top a print edition.

Words! Words! Everywhere WORDS!!



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