piece of a poem…

I used… hoped… jewelry could be… enough. Convincing.
Shining my circles To polished rings. For you’re…
Consumption. Understanding. In the end. Finality.
Regardless. His head turned. Toward him…
My flag of forfeit, piled at my feet. Helpless. Harmless.

Not one to play. Fool. I suffered. Slit twice.
You… At my wrists… Him. My throat. Sacrificed.
Syllables sift. Diffuse what I miss. Prior possibility.
If only… I could simply… exist. As another.
Chance. What I perpetually hope to be. An option.

I should raise. My habits. Cause of your…
Abandonment. Stranded history. No form of help
Replaces, hurting for higher. I never shut off
Openness to gain. New numbness. I confess
Stressing my shortness. To make cut. It hit. Hard

He spread sweetness. Across my lips. Sprawled.
Extensive enduring. Endearment of his style.
Used. To masking… I pretend like I’m strong. Act.
But when he drifts, although I miss – it’s genuine.
I won’t stop. Five minute fantasy. Once chance. To switch.

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