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This is the best vacation ever. I’m about one week in. I’ve seen and spent time with many members of the cult. I’m writing book like a crazy woman.

I’m also editing the next poetry volume… here’s  a take from there…

Longer than 1000 days. Past. Between. Unseen.
The support of my shoulders. Shaking. Insecurity.
While you expressed. My state of… Distress overtook.
No one expects the horizon of yet. I stopped.
And he is utterly off offer. And I simply don’t care.

Next to candles. His mahogany stare ignites.
With no concern. To you. That I… He is. Another place.
Difficulty. Settling. Wanting you. Accepting impossible.
There is a place. I am allowed. To offer stories.
Declaring declarations. In search of a butterfly net.

I watched fireflies defy science. Electrify dark.
Simple sparked flickers of dreaming. Ways
To brighten what begins to dim. Simmering.
I rose. To a quiet boil. My daffodil bloom.
His nectar kissed my breeze. You blew away.

The stab of your absence. Initially departed quietly.
Startled. Bye. The sound of my breath.
Exhaling his name in my sleep I awoke.
It is completely. He is… looking another way.
Jut one ore element. Of me… one more wish..


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