poetry reminds me

past. tense. goodbye. (hello)

people are saying. and i am not
supposed to talk. about what is
real. reaction. when. you
speak in any direction. tell me
what i should not. do. motions
moving me through time.
periods. i am unable
to keep up. with dissimulation
i get by. barely. scarcely.
he hurts himself. and i
shed tears of factuality.
owning up. straight back stance. as if
i returned to yesterday. i cried
for help. is far away. from what i touch
sent in unspoken conversations,
dancing in the dark. blackout
realization. that. he and i
hurt in similar patterns. where cuts
carve initials. of who understands,
pattern traced belief. not suiting
cacophonous calling. one returned
reply. respond. to this lack,
shallow heart breath. if i exhale
your memory, can you… press… play…
jump start could. forget about

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