adjusting volume of signs

adjusting volume of signs

he redefines. my dialect. i recite
characteristics. daily motions. covering
closing my… reach… just a little… further.
(do you know i wish on stars for you?)
he. senses. senseless. without.
when the world scratches. more than
amounts we are able to endure.
locked room song. shattered glass vow.
peace-less pieces. partitive tracking.
my unexpressed. affirmations. i promise
somehow. there is a way. betterment
becoming a value of no substance.
weighing stares. your numbness deflects
my heartbeat’s range. touching echos.
are you… i thought… because you’re beautiful.
he says. i should. stay. away. how can i
explain a side unseen. matching injuries.
trading scars. at the sight of end
we exchange. take what i can. trade.
wanting more. to give everything. for one
moment. second. to none.

I might have a permanent gig as a Writer blog family. If it comes through, it will pay for a New York City trip when the weather warms up… I’m in no condition for cold at the moment.

I’m in the middle of another move, I’ve been house hunting. Something for the puppies and I with lots of light where I can finish Agnes and put together Poetry Volume 2.

3 thoughts on “adjusting volume of signs

  1. Interesting…more experimental than I’ve seen out there lately, though I don’t usually read experimental poetry. I like “your numbness deflects my heartbeat’s range. touching echos.”

    Good luck with your move and the new gig!

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