pretty toes… put me on a plane already…

Summer in New York City makes you paint your toes pretty and spray yourself with scents like frangipani or mango. It encourages you to decorate your face with brightly rimmed shades and drape your limbs in linen to warmly brush your skin during a twilight breeze.

I nearly lost it yesterday blog family. I hyperventilated over my suitcase and yapped at the puppies, “It isn’t long enough! Three weeks isn’t enough TIME!”

I stayed up far past my bedtime vowing to undo everything I’m trying to sort out to ensure a permanent shift to Manhattan at the end of the year. I buried my face in my pillow mumbling irrationalities such as, “I’m quitting my job tomorrow. I’m never coming back to Australia again. It’s too much. It’s all just far too much!”

But I like my job. Some of my favorite humans roam this land. And in the scope of real world discussion – I really don’t have a single “problem” worth mentioning.

So I called Chris, who promptly returned my call with exactly the “OH MY GOD I CANNOT WAIT!” that I needed to hear. This elated me to a degree where I literally danced in the conference room at work which I had rapidly ducked into to partake in mutual squeals.

I went into the city tonight and spent way more money on knickers than probably makes sense. But it made me feel better. And sometimes that’s all that counts.

Tick tock tick tock tick…

2 thoughts on “pretty toes… put me on a plane already…

  1. Mmmm, frangipani…how strange that while members of your tribe on the other side of the pond have been ticking off the days on their eager fingers, here in Oz we’ve been doing the exact opposite. And now we have one sleep, and away you fly from us.

    I just have one thing to say, darlin’ – don’t MAKE me come over there and drag you back.

    Because you know I’ll do it, right? X x x

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