moving. tools. puppies.

Namaste blog tribe, I hope you all had a weekend of wonderful.

My weekend was a bit crazy involving landlords and counting, a bit of writing and some nail biting.

I’m moving in four weeks… the puppies should be here in five.

You know those crazy times when things get so hectic that somehow the world becomes ineffably still? I think I’m in another one of those…

An interesting twist to my move is that I have no furniture. Living overseas for ten years and moving back to the opposite side of the planet does that.

There are tools in my house which has not occurred since I lived home with my parents over a decade ago. My father has a garage filled with such gadgets. There’s something comforting about a pile of metal build-things pieces tucked snugly in the corner of my tiny apartment.

My new apartment will be quite tiny too, this is Manhattan after all… and let’s face it, I’m poor. But it can accommodate puppies. The idea of this gets me so excited my teeth chatter.

While I have enjoyed my stint living in a luxury high-rise in midtown, I’m looking forward to shifting to a place where I might actually sit still for – I don’t know, twelve months straight perhaps? Once I move, it will be the first time since I fired up this blog that I haven’t been looking for a new house or a new job.

Tick tock tick…

2 thoughts on “moving. tools. puppies.

  1. My loveliest Gretchen, you are a blessing bestowed upon my world and the world of everyone who knows you. Amazing is not a good enough word.

    1. Sigh. I’m not sure where the luck came from… but my darling, not a second passes where I am not thankful for the magnificent blessing of you. x

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