I woke up smiling today. For the first time since returning to the city in September, I decided to give myself a bit of credit blog family.

I may not be published yet… my book may not even be finished… however…

Over the past six months I’ve gone from climbing crooked steps in falling down buildings to watching the sunrise each morning from the comfort of my stunning abode. I took a series of beatings that landed me in therapy, bitched it all out, and decided to get better. I worked the worst job of my life and manifested what is going to be one of the best ones.

Once the puppies arrive. Perfection will be officially in place.

I did something today that I have not done once since returning to my favorite land. I grabbed my laptop less than five minutes after opening my eyes, and I hit the streets. It’s actually hard for me to explain the feeling that rushed over me experiencing the chill of a late February breeze kiss my cheeks as I wandered across 53rd Street smiling crazy at my fellow mid-towners.

Then I literally laughed out loud and said, “Holy shit! I LIVE IN MID-TOWN!”

Isn’t it incredible how humans can let drama consume us to where we lose sight of everything else? Although for what’s it’s worth – my day job was seriously garbage. Praises to my angels for working overtime to get me out of that one.

I am in a coffee house. There are rainbows of cult members. And I’m still smiling.

Here’s to resurfacing.


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