It is officially the week of the script blog family. My weekend was full of emotion and randomness. I blame cabin fever, ‘work-related-stress’, and a few other bits and pieces. How do you guys deal with stress? Do you even believe in stress?

Since I was a kid, I’ve always turned to writing to repair myself. The weekend wasn’t any different. Although I didn’t really get any project work done at all… I wrote some poetry. As soon as I took the pressure off myself and decided that writing sonnets every day wasn’t a great idea while I’ve got so much other stuff on… I mentally crashed and started writing poetry to feel better.

It’s a never ending circle I reckon…

the fervent process of proximity

Moments where I define the way slow feels.
Quiet contact, hesitant touch.
Heat of another. Hovering reveals
veracious rapture. Pull you down with such…
The savored flavor of your texture’s taste.
Abysmal body art. Two equals one.
Licked fingers. Gentle slide. Absence of haste.
Subtle inclinations zip me undone.
Deliberate physical fluctuation.
Candlelit shadows echo deep rhythm.
Elation. Raw erotic sensation.
Purification, a salt water swim.
Something to bottle and take by the dose.
Internally touching. Deeper than close.

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