splendor’s symphony

splendor’s symphony

when he says i am
beautiful, i believe
what he sees,
what he does not
know; how i never
settled to sound
outside my own mind.
words are uninvited,
always taken back.
offers without intent,
claims with no stake.
do you realize
when you speak
i become buried
inside of a breeze
improving how my weather
once eroded me to nothing,
i become discover,
a synchronized song.

2 thoughts on “splendor’s symphony

  1. she steps inside
    my comfort zone
    inviting me
    to surrender,
    her slick words
    drip honey
    upon my open wounds,
    i dare not trust,
    i dare not trust
    aw fuck it
    who cares more
    for the past than me,
    let it’s ghosts
    stagger and suffer
    i am here
    I am me
    and you
    are beauty
    in front of me
    tell me, tell me
    what you see
    inside that fragile strength
    that i have become…

    1. what a perfect way to begin my day :-)!! stunning. when love inspires love the world seems to be working as it is meant. namaste brother gerri. x x

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