mapping the cult

Being able to connect with like minded lovelies all across the planet is one of my favorite things about having a webpage. You might notice a new addition to the right hand column as of late reading ‘Map of Visitors’. Clicking this link pulls up a world map with little red rubies showing where everyone is checking in from to say Hello (or Ciao or Tag or Bonjour or G’day etc).

Being a Writer is hands down one of the most isolated existences possible. Writers are one of the few groups who take pleasure in locking ourselves away with nothing but ink, key clicks, thoughts, and, of course, words words words.

I personally lose touch with the world quite often when I work. And although I never feel separate from anyone or anything, I don’t spend enough time trying to get my head around the billions of other human creatures roaming this planet.

When I was a kid the idea of writing a book and having people in all different countries read it seemed nearly unbelievable. Now I talk to an international mix of tribal members on a daily basis… with a new, pretty, flashy map to show each other where we’re visiting from.

So hot.

I’m coming out of one of the saddest periods I’ve ever been through. Top secret things that don’t show up in my blogs necessarily but ooze from my poetry and scream in my book. Thank you once again for holding me up my world of wonderful word watchers.

The puppies thank you too… they were starting to be a bit concerned…

ps. HAPPY 450th POST!! STRIZ-AAT!!! x o x

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