start next week. back in the game.

It’s officially on my most perfect collection of gorgeousness… next week work time kicks off! This means black coffee every morning, clothing with creases, and word slinging in a whole new way. My job will involve mostly reading complicated things that genius-like people write about national transport happenings in Australia and breaking it down into language for the people.

Yup… I take word nerd to a whole new level…

I need to be back in a steady job. I’m driving myself mad with creative spilling. And like I was on about the other day, the ‘you’re broke’ monkey dancing on my shoulders while I’m trying to write memoir chapters and a new poetry book is distracting me.

In addition to the happiness my bank account will have, my mental state is bound to be a bit chipper at the gesture of being around a group of people that actually need me because of how I work words. Sure it’s technical opposed to creative, but getting paid as a Writer in any regard gets kudos in my small scope of this big world

Plus sometimes I like having an excuse to wear lipstick and play dress-ups…

So there you have it. On my thirteenth day back in Oz it all kicks off. Once I stop tripping on how to afford food I can only imagine the stories to come!!


2 thoughts on “start next week. back in the game.

  1. yay for you! can’t wait to cruise into the city and meet glamorous corporate gretchen for lunch dates xxx

    1. thank you beautiful!! the idea of having the sexiest girl in town as my lunch date adds even more to the sweetness of having a new gig! xoxo

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