my favorite fall

In autumn I saw him
Standing on a sidewalk. Street beat shuffle.
Where are you going?
The sound of words singing; be still.
My beating heart.
One locked look, and I desired…
To say. To be real. To claim.
To be claimed. I wanted him to…
I have to go away.
Do you know? You never leave. My imprinted heart.
He smoked cigarettes and told me stories.
My silence boiled inside, steaming poetry.
Verse about his eyes, earth tone shades.
I stood and drifted. Together. For the first time.
Something was. Familiar. As if he knew.
I have these habits I cannot express.
Laughing when I’d rather yell.
Running while I wish for slow.
Inside this introduction. Reality took. Refreshed colors.
Portrait of a moment. Displaying in my mind.
Sensing our season.
My favorite sort of fall.