still listening. park dancing.

I’ve had The Lumineers on repeat for the past 24 hours. I’ve memorized all of the words by now and danced through Central Park with the puppies at 5.30 this morning, headphones in tow – bouncing on my toes and watching the sun come up. Tripping on the lyrics. I like the words SO MUCH that I’m actually going to post them right now. It’s my poetry remix… this is how the words look in my head and feel in my stomach while my head shakes side to side and my shoulders roll. You should visit their page though and read the words straight from the source.

Stubborn Love Remix Poem aka I <3 The Lumineers.

She’ll lie
and steal and
cheat and beg you
from her knees.
Make you think
She means it
this time. She’ll tear
a hole in you, the one
you can’t repair.
But I still love her,
I don’t really care.IMG_5319
When we were young,
Oh Oh, we did enough.
When it got cold, Ooh Ooh,
we bundled up. I can’t be told.
Ah Ah – it can’t be done.
It’s better to feel pain, than nothing at all.
The opposite of
love’s indifference.
So pay attention now,
I’m standing
on your porch
screaming out. And
I won’t leave until…
you come downstairs.
So keep your
head up, keep your
love. Keep your
head up, my love
Keep your head
your love. Keep your
head up, keep your love.
And I don’t blame you dear for
running like you did,
all these years.
I would do the same,
you best. Believe. And
the highway signs say
we were close – but
I don’t read those things anymore
I never trusted
my own eyes. When we were
young. Oh, oh.
We did
Keep your head up. Love.
Head up.


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