thanksgiving highlights and top 10

100_1608My first Thanksgiving in seven years did not disappoint! The only beat factor was the minus four factor100_1604 which I will make up for with a road trip to MA in the very near feature… yeah road trip!

I made a bitchin antipasto, drank south Australian Shiraz, and basically ran a muck (which is what the youngest does at any family function, regardless of our age… particularly when there’s fifteen people in your immediate family, we sort of have to).

100_1650I haven’t been sleeping lately. Not in a ‘few hours here, few hours there’ sort of way. I mean, I’m not sleeping. It’s amazing that I’m even functioning… I suppose I know the reasons why. But let’s not be boring with those…

Top 10 Things To Do When You Aren’t Sleeping (ever)

10. Count yaks (sheep are so passe)

9. Read books

8. Drink pomegranate seltzer water

7. Pet domestic animals (the wild ones bite occasionally, and no one likes a 4am hospital bill)

6. Watch the entire season of a series you’ve never heard of on InDemand

5.  Do sit-ups100_1628

4. Meditate

3. Make spinach and artichoke omelettes

2. Phone AUS to see how the future’s going

1. Write

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  1. It’s a shame you’re not an artist – the Thanlsgiving picture would make a phenomenal Van Gogh or similar

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