the here we go again chuck guts phase

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In twenty-one days I leave the US and my beloved New York City to return to Australia and the stacks of goodies that make up the other half of my life. I am trying to be mindful of this limbo period because I go through it every single time I leave one place for the other. It keeps me awake at night, it twists my stomach in various sailor knots.

I understand the rational thing to do during these times is to try and ‘make the most’ of what’s left in whatever place I am setting to bounce from. And there is never any doubt that whatever land I am heading off to will be glorious.

It’s the whole in-between transitional nonsense that I’ve somewhat grown to despise since deciding to live a life in two countries (on opposite sides of Earth) eight years ago.

The best advice anyone ever gave me about how I live was, ‘Regardless where you are on this planet, you’re never going to feel home. You just have to accept that home is everywhere.’

I guess the bottom line comes down to going where you’re called. On that note, I know it’s time to get back to Australia. I’m not going to make myself throw up over it though.

Instead I’m going into the city to sit on cement fences, drink black coffee, smoke cloves, and write poetry.

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