over here over there

Trying to balance a life on two continents is moderately sucking. This is sort of because it simply reminds me that  I have to make more decisions.
I consider myself as a ‘go with the flow’ kind ofDSCN0214 chick… but when you’ve got elements of your life coexisting on opposite sides of the planet, I’m learning that it gets tricky.

And the worst part is… it comes down to money. Regardless of how much of a hippy I consider myself to be, there’s no getting around the monetary systems ruling both countries I reside. Shout out to all of you independently wealthy and/or trust fund kids with a special mention to the people P22-08-06_13.26[1]that actually start with nothing and build a decent life where they can spend days living instead of trying to figure out how to live (hopefully one day I can be part of your club).

I literally have two lives… one in AUS, one in the US… each with pros and cons. Over the years I’ve tried to analyze, balance, and sort this drama out… haven’t gotten very far. My nearly-two-months back in the US feels like a tease at the moment. It feels like I’m actually concerned about what’s going to happen when I leave my family all over again to my beloved far away land of AUS.

That said, I can’t wait to see my Australian tribe… I indeed miss them dearly. So I suppose that’s really the predicament, being forced to choose.

… unless I can get someone to barter words with for dollars. Imagine that, making a living doing what you love in a way that gives you the freedom to balance time the way your life demands… like bridging a ten thousand mile gap, for example.

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