The Puppies

I’m an animal person. From the decade that I’ve been a vegetarian to my dwindling ability to visit zoos. And even more than being a general animal person… I’m a dog person.

IMG_0178As my departure approaches I can genuinely say I will miss my beloved puppies, Henry and Lily, more than anything. In fact, I’d even go as far to say that if they were coming with me… I doubt I would feel ‘homesick’ once during my trip.

Photo 6Like I briefly mentioned, I grew up in a big family, seven of us in total. I’m used to company. These days I’m home by myself a good portion of the time and my two little friends never leave my side. They sit in my lap when I write and make me stay motivated to do things like go to the park or wander around the block … even on my most tortured of artists day when the words won’t flow and  I want to smash my laptop.

It’s completely shocking really, I’m one of those sickening dog lovers that refers to myself as ‘mommy’ and does things like buy the puppies clothes and spend more money on their food than I spend on my own. To manage my withdrawal symptoms, I think I might try to build them their own special section on my page for me to visit while I’m away.

The thought of leaving them behind has actually brought tears to my eyes as I’m typing this, pathetic right? And I’m not even menstrual.

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