I reckon I talk funny

Having lived overseas for seven years I’ve picked up a barely there accent that I don’t think too much about until times when I return to the states. Prior to becoming one of ‘them’, I’ve known people that go on far-away-land excursions and return with quirky twangs that sound… well… fake.

Although I am fully mindful of this and intend on keeping it well under control upon my return, there are some terms I am bound to toss in when I arrive to the east coast. These include words and phrases that I have sincerely picked up and would like to state in advance are not something I am putting on to add an exotic appeal to my persona. These include…

DSCN1394‘G’day,’ ‘I reckon…’ ‘No worries,’ ‘She’ll be right,’ and the ever so popular ‘Mate.’ Yes, it’s true, the past seven years has seen my previous greeting of ‘What up kid’ morph to ‘G’day mate’ and what were once ‘awesome ideas’ have turned into something ‘bloody brilliant’. So I hope those of you that I do run into during my travels can pardon these minor new additions to my speaking patterns while I am in town… rather then assume that I’ve gone berko.

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