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unscripted prescriptions …

Happy Friday the 13th blog family! Watch something scary… like Cheerleader Camp.

unscripted prescriptions

after the rain. damp skin. borough hopping. today. you know. revival. respire. when galaxies chase. in. through. my mouth. knows. no pleasure. in a place. where? accepting. a song. not for me. played. a perfect dance. i swore. i spun. too.

any gesture… implication… of… alone… an autumn dandelion

to question. hide and seek. finding to start. another game. a tag. you’re it. to out. then split. did. you. no. pain stops at the bones. what you hold. out of display. nods. agreement. for the best. a confident yes. a. quick undress.

age not time arrives… i find… you… calling… numbers…

confounded. 5am breeze. quiet street. someone asked. i said. it couldn’t matter. disguised as. it’s nothing. on a cool marble stoop. imagining your heat. volcano. subjacent. my eruption. accelerated. your hypnotic style of water and fire.

wooden matchstick legs… friction… on top…

tripping. on vocal chords. matching words. sound. ideas. and how he moved. willow tree branches. draped. naked. night. after. morning. black coffee veins. a hunger for simplicity. that. we could break rules. intensity. lethal doses.


  1. Happy Friday the 13th!!

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