uptown etc

Tim and I were approved for a puppy-loving, one-bedroom apartment across the street from the forest uptown.

WILDLY EXCITED! I’m betting on Henry and Peanut arriving by mid-July.

Sweet JESUS!

Naturally, my landlord is being a tosser which should come as no surprise reflecting on my history with property agents and what not. But positive thoughts and perseverance do wonders, I reckon.

Speaking of which, there are a few books I am knocking around at the moment that involve novel and poetry… things occurring and what not.

While I was visiting my parents’ over the weekend, my mother commented that I always speak in questions. I never really noticed before, but I think she might be correct.

Now that summer in New York City has officially arrived, I will be barefoot as much as possible. My toes will be painted an assortment of colors. And the Jersey Shore is bound to happen at some stage.

In other news, I am madly in love with my husband and still not too concerned with undue reactions. I am, however, very concerned with the different shades of amber that Tim’s eyes burn depending on weather and sentiment. He keeps me all sorts of entranced.



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