jersey shore for the record

As we’ve been over, my entire family reigns from Jersey. My sisters and I are an interesting mix because my mother is of European descent (Italian and Polish) and my father’s family traces back to the roots of the States… my grandmother belonged to the Daughters of the American Revolution organization. With a mix of immigrant and revolutionary history… we’re about as Yank as they come.

Considering that my personal belief is people are all part of the same life-force-energy, regardless of where you trace your supposable ‘roots’ … I don’t get too caught up in the whole genealogy thing. Still, considering all the hype over the Jersey Shore show in the States… I feel it is my obligation to represent for everyone that truly hails from or has history at the shore.

Today’s photographs are of what the Jersey Shore is really like, mostly families spending time together. It isn’t a bunch of guidos fist pumping or drunk sluts ripping their bathers off in dirty spa water. Nor is it a collection of smelly weaves and fake fingernails.

My grandparents honeymooned at Seaside Heights back in the 1920’s. My summers growing up were either at Seaside Heights or Cape May. My parents still visit Cape May every summer, it’s my mother’s favorite place in the world.

I guess since I spent so much time there growing up, I was somewhat immune to the ratty image the MTV show ‘The Jersey Shore’ put off. So today I thought I’d share some snaps from MY SUMMER at the Jersey Shore last June to settle the score…

Bloody reality TV…

Oh I will say one thing that’s accurate about the show though… the t-shirt shops. As far back as my memory travels the over the top decal clothing joints have been all the go… decal slogans still make me giggle.

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