week arrival! record smashing.

This is an exciting week blog family and by the end of it I’ll get to tell you more about WHY!!

Furthermore, FollowMeToNYC continues to welcome new cult affiliates. Yesterday traffic reached new heights… welcome new readers!

I haven’t posted many stories lately, in a few days I’ll talk more about where my head’s been at over the past few weeks. Finally!!

Over the weekend I bounced about eating amazing food and scribbling in notebooks. While I was hoping my novel would be finished by January, I’m happy with how it’s unfolding. I’m being kind to myself, patient. If there’s one thing I learned from therapy, it’s that I am habitually hard on myself. A predominant focus of my meditations recently has been to ease up a bit in that area… everyone could use a little more kindness.

Once I make it through this week and align a few factors that have been distracting my brain in mysterious ways, I’ll be able to click back into book book book mode. While I’m a fan of doing a million things at once… we all have our limits.

Yesterday I was reading a list of things I wrote down to complete in NYC while I was in Berlin … it’s all progressing sweetly. Remembering to breathe is so handy sometimes…

In, out… in… etc.



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