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For two days I have been hiding. It’s the first time in FollowMeToNYC history that I have not tapped in for 48 hours. I’m in love with the fact that the number of cult members checking in stayed steady… so even though I stepped back, a few hundred lovers a day still popped in to explore.

Progress, darlings.

Now. I’m sure our most loyal cult devotees have been at least somewhat curious of what I’ve been up to. I am proud to report, one objective is center priority:


As mentioned during my previous post, my last job was so horrible, there were a few weeks in between where I could focus on nothing but planning an escape. Now that I have officially manifested one, I am spending the week before my latest fresh start buried in book.

I am hiding out at an undisclosed location. I rented a car for the week. I left my beloved Manhattan for my equally craved land of country. I woke up at 6am today to the sound of birds and site of frost across grassy pastures.

The next eight days will be spent getting my novel up to scratch. This will involve key clicking and a series of: Yes. That stays. Hmmm… that goes into the next book. No, that chapter reads a bit more like practice. Absolutely. That phrase is bound to raise one or two pairs of Publisher eyebrows.

Back to work.

PS. I love you. x


2 thoughts on “someone must be writing

  1. hey there Gretchen… sounds like new horizons approaching… best of best to you. I’m back in Oz from a remarkable trip, thought I’d look you up. Sounds like you’re your busy self, which is good to hear. My thoughts and love to you. Take care beautiful one. xoxo

    1. greetings gorgeous man! i cannot wait to read and hear more about your latest explorations! thank you for stopping by :-)!! aaaah yes, you know me – still working on mastering light speed. love and golden rays to you always. x o x

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