what’s been down…

I bet at least a few of you are wondering what I’ve been up to since the weekend. Life takes flight when you’re setting up to escape it for a few weeks (or return to it, depending how you view it I suppose).

I know that my time in Australia is wrapping up. Contrary to the belief of many Aussie members of the cult, I will be returning from New York City on July 3rd. As much as it pains me to speak out loud, I have responsible like things to tend to and distractions demanding attention.

However, as a whimsical pixie controlled by fate, I am completely aware of how every trip I take home, particularly over the past two years, changes me.

I know when I arrive in my beloved city of New York this Saturday, the idea of leaving enters its final lap toward becoming a memory.

So all of that said, I have spent the past 72 hours seeking out Australia’s finest and making the most of my second home. I ran around the rain forest, I frolicked with some of the finest wordsmiths in the land, I listened to live jazz while scribbling naughty stories, I sipped hot cider on a city rooftop, I sampled a tray of tequila and gobbled chickpea croquettes with roasted sweet potatoes.

I thought about New York City.

I imagined all of the amazing new people I encountered during my last five month stay and quivered in delight each time one of my “See you soon!” status updates flooded with thumbs up. I received text messages and telephone messages with countless “I CANNOT WAIT!”s

I sat in complete silence and spoke to the sky.

“Surely. Something will give this time. Put me back where I’m meant to be, regardless of odds.”

And somehow, somewhere, in my twirls of wonder…

… I set up a job interview on Park Avenue. Next Wednesday.

Four more sleeps!!

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