when all else fails jump in the panel van

I woke up last Sunday with an ugly hangover that dissipated at the resplendent site of an orange panel van…

… complete with mattress in the back.

Nothing starts a day off like being chauffeured to a yum cha breakfast at 11am in a tiger orange love mobile. I devoured crunchy spring roles and fresh leafy vegetables in the company of two Melbourne boys over bottomless cups of green tea.

Then I ran around Northcote with a group of Writers wearing a hooded denim jumpsuit toasting various shades of grapes.

And someone shouted me olives…

We discussed the ‘can’ or ‘cannot’ read my work out loud topic that I keep warbling on about lately. We traded books and talked about handwriting and shared stories.

Magical things tend to occur when Artists gather… like the world instantly beautifies.

A long and wonderful weekend… the best weekends end on Mondays… occasionally Tuesday…

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