50 000 nothing. 50 percent feed. Row.

Supposedly a website is kind of important once it gets 50 000 visits a day. I learned that recently watching Wall Street 2.

A few days away from my 400th consecutive post we’ve gathered a few hundred cult members to stop by for a daily word dance. However the illest thing is that half of you have subscribed to the RSS feed which means without a shadow of a doubt we’re liaising on a daily basis.

I think that is so very cool.

Shout out to tribal members in the Netherlands! You guys make up the current second largest crew checking in every day after the US. I am far overdue for a visit to Amsterdam… imagine the vlog that would come out of that one blog family…

Point: So far my theory that this is the dopest cult going has not been disproved.

Botchy and I have been having fun running around the city all week. He arrived last Saturday and has done a slew of very important New York City things.

Top 10 Very Important New York City Things Botchy Has Done So Far

10. Rode in a taxi cab for the first time, over the Brooklyn bridge.

9. Ate a Philly Cheesesteak and almost actually finished it (and tons of pizza).

8. Went to the MET.

7. Visited the Queens Mall.

6. Bought a pair of Levis.

5. Chilled on a fire escape.

4. Went to happy hour.

3. Watched a Yankees game.

2. Rode the subway.

1. Rowed me around Central Park lake. (backwards for the first 250 feet because neither one of us city slickers knows how to row a boat)


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