one day you’re certain

Namaste cult of blog

In case you don’t notice… I have been obsessed with The Reign of Kindo for three days now. Two tracks in particular. Tim put me on. There on the right. He’s an amazing driver / photographer / etc and the pair of us attract a slew of questions lately.

and still they keep dancing on
just as though you don’t have a say.
and the choice of routine or song
isn’t better that way.
this what happens when
you realize you’re not in control.
some days you’ll bear the load
and others you won’t.

With summer approaching every free moment has been spent playing outside. My latest New York City obsession is Inwood. There are a few causes for this condition. Most prominent: THE PUPPIES ARE COMING!

The puppies are coming once I have ten dollars in my pocket to move into a more appropriate place. The most appropriate place I can find in Manhattan involves 196 acres of forest. Inwood Hill Park let’s go!┬áNo more walking to work, unfortunately. But a twenty minute subway ride south ain’t too much stress… particularly considering how HAPPY Henry and Peanut will be on arrival.

So as I dwell in perpetual anticipation counting minutes to the next shift (because I have to move at least three times every eight months) – I’ve also been writing. Regular cult affiliates will have noticed quite a bit of poetry around lately. Poetry Volume Three will naturally take shape in July, same as the other two volumes.

I hope you are all well and surrounded with violets, golds, indigos and the like. I have recently benefited from very much light. Adding a bit of color always helps too.

Back to dream chasing.

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