7.05 not for profit

My morning hot coffee sip today rapidly transitioned to a snort-y choke, burnt tongue tip exclamation of “$7.05? I forgot I even had an email address linked to PayPal? Seven smackers?!”

People still buy the poetry books I don’t ever think about. Most people write a book, promote it for a year, repeat… I imagine. Not me. For the past two years I’ve complained heaps and somehow self-published two collections.

Thank you to the blog tribe putting me on your bookshelf and in your reading devices, you made me blush today.

This MUCH REQUIRED long weekend has my world shifting to wonderful. Reading, writing, climbing trees, counting stars – all the important pieces that when put together reconnect my Self.

The sort of healing I’m experiencing right now is the sort I want to bring to my Retreats. On that note, I’ve been doing research.

Considering how distracted I’ve been for the past few years, I didn’t really absorb all the ways I can use what I’ve learned at work to get my Retreats popping. Since 2003, I’ve worked for various forms of non-profits. This morning while I was reading up on how to get the first steps of opening my center in order, my brain sounded something like this: “I’ve done that. And that. I’ve done that heaps. And I can totally do that.”

Lucky for me, I already have a Board of Directors together and ready to help me out. Not only that, but it’s a Board of five women – which is uncanny in business, trust me.

Today will be spent cleaning up the Statement for my centers, smacking out a few book chapters, running around the forest, and taking deep breaths.

In. Out. In. Out…


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