typo on page one

I choked on coffee this morning shortly after opening Poetry: Volume One to have a legitimate read. I wrote it four years ago. So I finally feel ready to deal with all of the life-ish things that surround poetry. I had a few years there that I’d frankly rather forget – poetry is a fascinating way to revisit them.

Never the less. First poem:IMG_4744

Empty room sound. A voice inside my min
Esoteric touch, breathing through my skin.
Physical. Perceptivity refined.
Devotion’s ritual. Slow violin.
Expanding steps. Origami unfolds.
Reform shape to an original state.
Evident authenticity. Behold.
Concurrent desire. Eradicate wait.
Consecrate time to construction of now.
Residence in moments, reaching your depth.
Who, when and why without interest of how.
The Morae. Step forward. Universe. Breadth.
Quiescent arrival. Sudden increase.
Crescendo of character. Soul release.

…the MOERAE. That’s what that should say word family! Moerae, or at least Moirae… certainly not Morae.  Oddly it’s spelt correctly in web land, just not in my actual book.

Awesome. My editing skills are amazing!

I had lunch with a professor from college a few weeks ago, I mentioned how my copyediting skills suck. He replied along the lines of, “I’m sure they do, writing and editing are entirely different processes that use different sorts of skills.”


So now, amongst my finish novel, entertain puppies, eat delicious things and lay in the sun commitments of next week – I need to fix that bloody book in like three different places.

FUN-SIES! Interesting start to a Friday, to say the least.


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