conflict. dog book. numbers.

My novel needs conflict. I’ve been reading through thousands of words of characters and places and smells, sights and sounds. But there isn’t quite enough “I’m so torn over this, this and this” that a page-turner requires.

I’m working on it.

While I was pedaling the puppies around at 5.30 this morning. It occurred to me that I’m probably more catering to the needs of my domestic creatures than a lot of humans. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no Dog Whisperer. In fact, Henry nearly ate the leg off a stray cat the other day as I dove between them. Squirrels, cats and small furry things seem like a special treat to bring back home when you’re a Terrier.

I digress…

Aside from needing some type of basic training for a happy life, dogs need heaps more than that. Like exercise, decent food, pats… that sort of stuff.

I’ve started to note some chapters for a dog book and lit up to when a sister scribe stopped in to share similar thoughts.

I bought and Accounting text book online and have started flipping pages. Considering that I work a lot with converting numbers into words, I figure anything to help me speak balance sheet is useful. So my brain is happy at the moment. We all know how I love 8,000 projects at once.

I think novel, dog book with a side of mathematics will keep me focussed for a few minutes.

Back to conflict.

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