alice in wonderland

I went and saw Alice in Wonderland. I heart Tim Burton and Johnny Depp.

After seeing the Tim Burton exhibit at MoMA in New York City a few weeks ago, I was super excited. I literally beamed in delight when WALT DISNEY PICTURES came up on the movie screen.

Part of the exhibit at MoMA included a hand written and illustrated book from the early seventies. Burton was somewhere in his late teens when he created the work, which included the typed and signed (in real ink!) rejection letter from Disney who he submitted it to all those years ago.

And as far as Johnny Depp, it goes without saying that people simply love him. Which puts a similar glow around me because I remember watching my big sisters drool over him on 21 Jump Street. (Richard Grieco so did not make the grade.)

Artists love stories like theirs…

I thought the movie was pretty good. I was insanely excited over the 3D element. The last 3D movie I saw in the theaters was when Luke and I went to see My Bloody Valentine. I think I wet my pants when I first heard a 3D horror movie was coming out…

… what could possibly be better?

I’m still writing a lot of poetry lately. I attempted to return to sonnets but am consumed by free verse. Ideas everywhere… not enough time in the day…

Unless it’s Alice in Wonderland time, then it’s time worth making. Like I said, Tim Burton, Johnny Depp, 3D… what more reason do you need? Oh yeah and in case you didn’t know the girl that plays Alice is Aussie… she’s from Canberra… (oi oi oi!!!)

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