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i need a webpage and a last name…

I realize I have this webpage… but I think I need one with some type of ‘gretchen’ ring to it. And I think I need a last name. Sure I’ve got a few of those already on ID cards and certificates, now I need one for a web address.

I’m going to use ‘cello’. I adore cello music and ‘gretchen cello’ sounds like a Writer’s name.

I need to consider things like this because my anthology is coming along and I’m going to have to publish it under something. I thought long and hard about sticking with just ‘gretchen’ and my only issues are the six other ‘gretchens’ around the net. They’re reeking havoc on my traffic…

I’m going to keep this page as my blog. For some reason I believe I should have some type of portfolio page. And as much as I feature work here… only hardcore cult members actually follow.

Therefore I must build some type of ‘gretchen’s writing’ wait excuse me… ‘gretchen cello’s writing’ page.

I like the sound of it.

In other news… blah blah blah book… blah blah script… blah stories…

busy busy busy.

Happy Monday blog family!


  1. Gretchen Storm! Hope you have a good week.

  2. I’ve used Mason Storm.

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