another reason i love nyc

I still have no use of my right foot blog family. I finally had to deal with getting groceries today.

Only in NYC can I have groceries delivered for about the same price you’d expect to pay in any store (plus tip, naturally). Today I was brought organic blueberries, jalapeño raw kelp, vegan artichoke pizza, and peak organic nut brown ale. Not to mention horseradish hummus, rye crisp bread, mushroom barley soup and unsweetened soy milk for my muesli. Plus a pound of pistachios, and a six pack of green apple cider… etc.

While I only have one operating foot, I still somehow managed to dance when the delivery man arrived earlier today.

Viva NYC!

I don’t think I’ll ever go to another grocery store again as long as I live in this city. With or without two feet.

I’m trying to control my jumping thoughts and focus on two or three things at a time. Something I learned from therapy is that my mind tends to pop across many things at once without zoning into one. Honing in on three is a big step back for me.

And speaking of NYC, I am so excited about hosting Mr. Patrick James Lynch tomorrow for a discussion that will contribute to his MyNy podcast project that I have fallen in love with… and you should too. x


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