floating through transition

Greetings and love blog tribe

Please pardon yesterday’s silence. I didn’t want to just swing by these parts and complain about my foot – which is finally on the good side of better.

I feel like I’m standing on the beach watching the tide come in, waiting for the part when it reaches up and kisses my toes.

I haven’t had to deal with a real winter since 2009/2010,¬†and back then I was staying with my parents – writing The Carrier, some poetry, and the other bits I tend to shove around.

Needless to say, I still can’t stand it.

Furthermore, I haven’t lived in utter solitude since 2002. There are usually puppies.

My point is, it creates an interesting space… particularly when you happen to live on a cul-de-sac in midtown Manhattan.

And speaking of Manhattan, last night was my conversation with Patrick James Lynch soon to air on the MyNY podcast program.

I gabble about things like being madly in love, ways that humans baffle me, and why this is my favorite town. I don’t get too much into my Writing… who really wants to hear about that boring stuff?

I’m going to keep on with novel today. I told Patrick of my plan to pimp it on summer New York City streets, that’s not the sort of promise you really want to break.

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