kisses to queens. let’s work. love sending.

Back to work today!

That’s right party people, I will be sitting at my desk less than 24 hours after landing back in Australia. Why?!┬áBecause I’m hardcore. Woke up this morning, wished on a star, brewed espresso, and I’m about to be out…

Utter isolation does wonders for incentive.

I would like to send special love to family member / honorary cult committee member, my amazing friend David.

David lives a block away from Chris who holds down Camp Queens while I hustle my way off this island. We met last summer, both out alone around 3am, stomping down a local Astoria joint. David is one of my favorite blessings.

Amongst so many others, David held me up during my recent three week tease of, “GOTTA BACK HERE GOTTA GET BACK!”

To assist with the visualization of landing me back in New York City side promptly. David will be rocking the “Melbourne” and “Australia” t-shirts I brought him back this round. I figure slowly diffusing various Aussie elements into my local territory will assist speed things up for me…

I would also like to send love to everyone that fired messages at me yesterday to make sure I was ok… I didn’t realize my “I don’t want to be hear” entry was that hard hitting. You guys know me… sometimes I’m slightly emotional.

Now off I go! Detox is on (after those three weeks? ummmm. yeah. detox is on…), focus is taking new form, and I am determined to keep all energy levels UP! How else am I going to prepare for getting back to New York City by September?

Yup. That’s deadline. Job or no job. Let’s see what a bit of chanting, love spreading, and finger crossing can get me in the meantime. And a bit of writing… alright, a lot of writing…

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