beat down my door

100_1204I realize no one is going to ‘beat down my door’ as was put to me yesterday.
The main thing you deal with as a Writer is persistence, and dealing with the whole ‘no money’ thing. Lucky for me, ink is cheap.

In all honesty, coming across more Writers of a similar mind frame would probably work me wonders. This means finding other disgruntle wordsmiths with talent and goals and a genuine interest in creating something great.

Once again I’ve dramatically changed the direction of my work. Naturally my erratic jump from one 50 thousand word piece to a new project cops the cliche ridicule of ‘artists aren’t focussed, don’t finish things, blah blah blah…’100_1102 What can I say? I’m a perfectionist… and a realist… and I write a LOT.

So I’ve decided to start a new new project, even though I swore I would exclusively stick to the project I’ve been working on.

Perhaps I’ll go back to it…

… maybe someone will come beat down my door after all.

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